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Tigernu Philippines has always brought an essence to the backpacks, messenger bags and laptop bags with the classy designs and extraordinary specifications. The durability of the products can gain the trust of any buyer at an escalating speed. With so many specifications under one umbrella, TIGERNU has set the expectations high. Although the expectations are high, the prices are quite affordable and so is the comfort.

Our mission is to make traveling with a backpack as safe and comfortable as possible.

Worldwide, there are more than 400,000 attempts of pickpocketing. We at Tigernu want to ensure that these figures drop drastically.

The fabric from which the bags are made provide a comfortable feeling. Thanks to i.e. the foam in the shoulder strap, the bag feels a lot lighter, and it isn’t a problem to carry the backpack for a long period of time.

The breathable foam also prevents sweat marks during prolonged use.


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